I'm a mother to two amazing girls who have grown into incredible adults.
I'm a grandmother to my eldest child and her hubby's first son.
I'm English by birth and Australian by choice.

My name is Christine Cope (Chrissie) I am a transformation coach and mentor who empowers ladies (and some gents) to be CONSCIOUS CREATORS of their own life, to AWAKEN to their SOUL’s AUTHENTIC POWER and to DISCOVER just where their journey is taking them.

I am a spirited soul, unguarded, smart, gorgeous (well, of course!), spreading joy, laughter, hope, inspiration and happiness everywhere I go. I have a calling to make a difference in the world and sprinkle magic dust of joy on everyone I come into contact with. 

I believe that we are all undergoing a huge transition and that everything is possible when you combine clarity with self-belief and love, strategy and actions. Living the life of your dreams is so more than a philosophy; it’s a way of being. 

Once you make the decision to live your life in alignment with your highest purpose and your soul’s desires, you are already creating it. Clear out the self-doubt and old habits, embrace the YOU that you were created to be. 

Together we can design a business which delights and serves your soul’s purpose. I provide empowering life and business programs and inspiring workshops.

Grab a copy of this book HERE
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